HumanOptics introduces Alexander Berka as new CEO

Erlangen, October 2023 - HumanOptics Holding AG introduces Alexander Berka as the new CEO of the innovative german manufacturer of intraocular lenses and premium implants for eye surgery. Mr. Berka has many years of management and CEO experience in european and international markets as well as tremendous industry expertise in the MedTech sector.

In the course of his career, Mr. Berka functioned as president and CEO of the american company Analytik Jena US Inc., where his responsibilities included securing financing for the company's expansion plans and establishing a new company and sales strategy to meet the demands of rapidly changing markets. During his leadership at VIROTECH Diagnostics, Mr. Berka shaped the company's strategic vision, drawing on his diverse expertise in biotechnology, in-vitro diagnostics and medical technology. Most recently, Mr. Berka held the role of CEO of Imedos Health GmbH.

"The business realignment that HumanOptics is currently undergoing is extremely exciting for me. I would like to accompany this important path and thus shape and strengthen the future positioning of the company," says the management expert.

With Alexander Berka, HumanOptics has a new, strong CEO at its side, who wants to drive the development of the company forward in close cooperation with the investor. With his profound business experience in the international environment, he plays a key role in the development of new national and international structures of HumanOptics Holding AG.

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