ARTIFICIALIRIS SELECT – HumanOptics launches new color category of premium iris implant

As a leading provider of premium implants for ophthalmic surgery, HumanOptics has been successfully distributing the globally unique and FDA-approved CUSTOMFLEX® ARTIFICIALIRIS for more than 20 years for patients suffering from aniridia. The company now announces the launch of a new color category of the product at ESCRS 2023 in Vienna. The premium implant ARTIFICIALIRIS SELECT is available in stock in nine predefined color combinations for fast and urgent patient care. The colors brown, blue and green are each available in three different gradations of light, medium and dark. Ordering the ARTIFICIALIRIS SELECT is easy, as no photo of the patient's eye is required. In addition, delivery is possible within a few days. By holding the specially designed HumanOptics Color Chart SELECT to the patient's healthy eye, the surgeon can select the right patient related color match. Click here to learn more about the ARTIFICIALIRIS SELECT from HumanOptics and visit us at the ESCRS Congress 2023 in Vienna at our booth in hall B, stand number B132. The HumanOptics team is looking forward to meeting you on site.

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