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Resilient presbyopia correction: HumanOptics launches TRIVA

The TRIVA is HumanOptics’ response to the new demands on vision caused by rapidly advancing digitalization. The trifocal posterior chamber IOL for presbyopia correction promises excellent visual results with three focal points, not only in the near and far range, but also especially at intermediate distances. The TRIVA is thus optimized for the use of digital devices.

The continuous varifocal is made possible by expanded focal areas and enables the majority of patients to carry out most of their daily activities without glasses.

Smart design gives the IOL high performance stability and makes it largely resistant to undesirable multifocal side effects.

The TRIVA is preloaded in the SAFELOADER® equipped with a blue light filter, which is designed to protect the retina from the high levels of blue light emitted by digital screens and LED light sources. The TRIVA is now available in the full dioptric range.


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